A House in Istanbul by Architect Bruno Taut

June 2-11, 2023

Exhibition: “Ein Haus in Istanbul vom Architekten Bruno Taut” (A House in Istanbul by Architect Bruno Taut)
Location: Teehaus (Tea House) Große Wallanlagen, Holstenwall 30, Hamburg, Germany. The Tea House  can be reached barrier-free via the Holstenwall entrance

Exhibition Opening: Friday  02.06.2023, h. 19 – 22
Other dates: 03.06.2023, h. 16 – 19, 09.06.2023, h. 19 – 22
Finissage:  Sunday 11.06.2023, h. 17:00 to 20:00

Curator:  Claudia Haas-Prandolini, Baukulturelle Vermittlung (Building Culture Mediation)

Entrance fees / participation fees:  None
Registration modalities: None

The exhibition examines Bruno Taut’s self-designed house in Istanbul, which is internationally acknowledged as a shared cultural heritage. Taut’s design of the house is strongly influenced by his exile-biography (from Nazi Germany to Japan and finally to Turkey). The Exhibition will showcase prints of rare original drawings by the great master of Modernism. Keynote speakers (in English): Paola Ardizzola, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff, UK and Hakki Akyol, Akyol Kamps Architekten BDA Office, Hamburg, Germany.

The exhibition is part of the “Hamburger Architektur Sommer 2023” and of the extensive programme “Bruno Taut Project”.

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