Submission deadline:

June 12, 2023

The Vittoriano and the work of Armando Brasini

November 20-21, 2023

International Study Conference November 21–22, 2023.

The conference is intended as a moment of reflection to verify the state of the art, rediscover aspects of Brazilian work that have remained in the shadows or even unknown, relaunch studies and offer support to ongoing protection and enhancement activities, with a view to fruitful collaboration between research institutes and institutes of the Ministry of Culture.

The organizers solicit contributions on the following topics: 

  • Brasini in the Victorian
  • Brasini and Rome: from the Capital to the Urbe Maxima
  • Brasini’s relationship with the ancient—Brasini and twentieth-century architecture
  • Sources, archives and memoirs by and about Brasini
  • Architecture, city, photography and cinema in Brasini’s Rome 
  • The historical fortune of Brasini. 

Proposals must include:
a) the title of the intervention;
b) abstract of the intervention (max. 2500 characters);
c) brief scientific biography of the proposer (max. 1000 characters).
The proposals, with SUBJECT: The Vittoriano and the work of Armando Brasini must be sent to by 12 June 2023 .
Each intervention can have a duration of 20 minutes.
The conference languages ​​are Italian, English, French.

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