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September 15, 2023

Materiality in History of Architecture and Urban Planning: Evolutions of Techniques, Perceptions, and Analyzes

As part of the next World Congress on Art History (CIHA) which will take place in Lyon (France) in 2024, scholars are organizing a session entitled: ‘Materiality in History of Architecture and Urban Planning: evolutions of techniques, perceptions and analyzes.’ The session consists of two axes. The first axis focuses on the history of the dematerialization of space for analytical purposes; the second axis focuses on the extension of the dematerialization of space since the ‘digital revolution.’
You will find details of the call on the website dedicated to the session here.
This session is intended for historians of Architecture and Urbanism, as well as building recording technicians: photographers, draftsmen, surveyors, geomaticians, etc.
For each axis, it consists of three 15-minute contributions presenting case-studies or overviews, followed by two 30-minute roundtables bringing together participants and specialists.
All proposals (short papers and roundtables) will be subject to a double-blind peer-review by the International Scientific Committee.
The submission procedures are specified on the session website. Please note that the Congress languages are only French and English. Furthermore, only in-person presentations are authorized by the Congress which relays on its site the various grants available for international speakers.

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