Submission deadline:

July 5, 2023

SAHGB MA Scholarship

United Kingdom

The Master’s Bursary scheme, supported by the generous bequest of the Arnold Hayward Stevenson Educational Trust Fund, is now open for applications.

There are significant, often structural, barriers to postgraduate study, in particular in disciplines like architectural history. The Society is working to diversify the discipline and those who practise it. As part of the Society’s commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, it very strongly encourages underrepresented communities to imagine their futures in architectural history and to apply for this bursary. Recognising that partial support often excludes those from non-traditional backgrounds for postgraduate study in the humanities, the SAHGB is offering a £20,000 bursary to one candidate.

Our intention is that this bursary will be transformational for the successful candidate, opening up the possibility of further study and career development in architectural history in higher education, heritage practice and/or museums and collections.

Further Particulars:

  • The bursary is for a sum of £20,000, to include fees and maintenance (1 year full-time or 2 years’ part-time study)

  • Candidates, who have already been accepted to a post-graduate taught or 1 year post-graduate research Master’s in Architectural History or related disciplines which will commence in Autumn 2023 are eligible to apply.

  • Candidates should be intending to study a course at a U.K. university.

  • The Society will not support candidates on MArch courses

  • Funds will be issued to the candidate directly, not via their university

  • Funds will be paid in two instalments over the academic year, subject to successful progress through the course

  • The recipient of the award will work closely with our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and Early Career Research networks, and take part in organising the SAHGB’s PhD / ECR Symposium.

  • All applications are welcome, though priority will be given to applicants who have SAHGB membership, as well as demonstrating eligibility through their responses to the areas we ask about.

  • The recipient will receive a year’s free membership of the SAHGB

  • Eligible candidates may self-nominate for this Scholarship by filling in the fields at the base of this page. Please complete all fields at the same time – we recommend that you plan your application offline and paste into the text boxes before making a submission.

  • Please send evidence of your place offer as directed

The deadline to submit the online application is July 5 2023. More information can be found here.

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