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December 31, 2023

IN-PRESENCE / THE BODY AND THE SPACE. The role of corporeity in the era of virtualization

June 19-22, 2024

The next EURAU international conference ─ “IN-PRESENCE / THE BODY AND THE SPACE. The role of corporeity in the era of virtualization” ─ will occur in Milan in June 2024.

EURAU stands for European Research in Architecture and Urbanism, a platform of continuous exchange on interdisciplinary frontiers born in 2004 that since then meets every two years in a different city/university in Europe within an international conference, which next year will be held in Milan at the Politecnico.

The EURAU Milan 2024 Conference aims to unpack the significance of corporeality in contemporary times and its relevance for the upcoming years. Specifically, the focus is on the relation between body and space and how this relates to architecture, the city and the environment, interpreted as physical facts and processes. Within the background of a technological turn, the focus is now on what has changed or will further change in this relationship and what instead remains unalterable, inherently bound to the material and impervious to the virtual. The call asks for contributions relating to the body-space-architecture relationship.

EURAU24 invites students, researchers and professionals from multiple fields: architects, anthropologists, artists, designers, engineers, economists, writers, geographers, historians, sociologists, and urban planners, among others, to join forces with specific visions articulated in scientific articles.

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