Submission deadline:

February 5, 2024

DocTalks and DocTalks x MoMA CfP Spring 2024

On top of regular DocTalks sessions, the organizers are excited to continue DocTalks x MoMA series with The Emilio Ambasz Institute for a fourth semester!

For regular DocTalks sessions, the organizers welcome any topic within the broad fields of architectural history and its related disciplines. You may also propose to host a complete session, submitting a proposal comprising two presentations and the names of two respondents.

For DocTalks x MoMA, the organizers are looking for presentation proposals dedicated to research on the relationship between the built and natural environment. The organizers re especially interested in proposals around environmental justice and the environmental histories of marginalized places and groups.

Send your proposals (an abstract of no more than 300 words and a short bio in a single PDF file) to Please indicate if you are applying for DocTalks or DocTalks x MoMA in the subject line of your email.

Deadline: FEBRUARY 5, 2024

The organizers look forward to receiving your proposals!

The DocTalks team

DocTalks is an informal, peer-to-peer, weekly online forum by and for PhD students, postdocs and early career researchers in architectural history and theory. It is organized by a team of researchers from ETH Zurich, USI Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio, IE University Madrid, UMass Amherst, Hong Kong University, McGill University and MIT.

DocTalks is: Gregorio Astengo, Silvia Balzan, Matthew Critchley, Nikos Magouliotis, Stella Rossikopoulou Pappa, Davide Spina, Linda Stagni, Cigdem Talu, and Demetra Vogiatzaki.

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