Urban Representations

The Interest Group on Urban Representations aims at assessing, contextualising, and theorising urban still and moving imagery. In the context of the “spatial turn” issues about the relationship between urban space and its visual representation have become focus of a number of publications. This interest group hopes to expand the field of urban imagery studies by focusing on the urban subject beyond the core European model. European metropolises and rural life are the point of departure for a transnational and transdisciplinary discussion that takes into consideration the growing challenges of defining what a city is in the age of globalisation and of the increasingly immaterial city or what Manuel Castells calls the “city of flows”.

The issues the Interest Group on Urban Representations is raising are threefold: 1) What are the functions and modes of representation that have developed in the city and to what extent is the city a responsive subject for these modes and media? 2) What kind of readings and narratives of the city can we harvest from urban imagery and how are they different from literary and other readings and narratives? 3) How can we theorize the urban image acknowledging, for example, the social construction of space, everyday routines and experiences of the city, the center-periphery dichotomy, the tension between nature and culture/technology, and the formation of collective and individual memory in the city?

This interest group operates via casual and more goal oriented exchanges that lead to thematic sessions at international conferences, workshops and symposia and to the establishment of a durable and broadly embedded scholarly community around this theme.

Group coordinators: 

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Miriam Paeslack

Anat Falbel

Jeffrey Cohen