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The Interest Groups are a virtual research hub which helps EAHN members find, and collaborate with, scholars working on similar themes and topics within the Network.
Each Group addresses a specific area of international interest and reflects a variety of criteria, such as architectural typology, historical periods, geographical frameworks, topical subjects or historiographical methodologies.
This is virtual space hosts a range of collaborative activities such as discussion of topics and materials, sharing news and documents as well as organizing events and projects.
For more information, contact the Interest Group Coordinators at
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Gaia Caramellino & Filippo De Pieri

Fosters inter-disciplinary exchange and reflects on the specific contribution that architectural history can bring to the study of domesticity.

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Urban Image

Miriam Paeslack

Assesses, contextualises, and theorises urban still and moving imagery of the nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries by opening a dialogue between visual studies, film studies, architectural history, urbanism/planning, human geography, and anthropology.

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Word & Image

Anne Hultzsch & Catalina Mejia Moreno

Opens up word-image studies to the field of architectural history through an international exchange of contents and sources and by debating specific approaches to the simultaneous investigation of word, image and building.

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Léa-Catherine Szacka & Véronique Patteeuw

Explores questions concerning postmodernism’s stylistic manifestation as well as its mediation and communication through exhibitions and magazines.

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Katia Frey & Eliana Perotti

Critically explores women’s contributions to architecture and urban planning throughout history, focusing also on gender as constructed in architectural and planning theory and practice.

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Sophie Hochhäusl & Torsten Lange

(Re)considers “environment” both as a central object of enquiry within architectural history and as a methodological framework that calls for re-thinking existing historiography whilst opening the discipline to closely related fields such as environmental and landscape history, geography, histories of science and technology, cultural studies and anthropology/material culture.


Conflict Interest Group

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