Architecture and Resilience

5th Annual Symposium of Architectural Research
28-30 August, 2013 in Tampere University of Technology, School of Architecture, Finland.
Extended abstract deadline April 15, 2013.  Paper deadline May 20, 2013 (optional)
Tampere University of Technology, School of Architecture is pleased to invite you to the 5th Annual Symposium of Architectural Research: ARCHITECTURE AND RESILIENCE. The Symposium is the annual gathering for research in architecture, urban design and planning, organized by the Finnish schools of architecture since 2009. It provides international keynote lectures, high quality research papers and a relaxed arena of encounter and discussion for researchers and practitioners. The conference is organized in conjunction with Tampere architecture week, a high-profile event arranged annually around contemporary architectural issues. The symposium languages are Finnish and English.
Cities are dynamic systems. Their spatial development should be understood as a relational and complex process at all scales from building types and neighbourhoods to city regions and cross-border urban networks. Right now, we are at a historic turning point of the ‘long wave’ of technological, economic, social and spatial development of our cities and societies, comparable to the oil crises 1973-1980 and to the Great Depression before WWII. The 20th century was characterized by oil-based economic growth and ICT-based technological novelty. In the coming decades, the drivers of urban processes and their spatial and architectural manifestations will likely be radically different from those of the past. While we do not know the new drivers and their effects, we can be relatively assured that the resilient features of urbanism – diversity, adaptability and innovation – do provide a positive seed-bed for new ideas and practices.
We therefore invite you to explore the current state and future potential of architecture and urbanism as the key context of forming the future. Urbanity is in change, calling for a revision of theories, methods, design applications and professions in spatial sciences. How should we tackle the complex, interlinked and inter-scalar social, spatial, natural and economic networks in constant flux? How to operationalize the links between architecture and resilience? What are the exemplary cases and projects?
We welcome researchers and practitioners in architecture, urban design and planning, geography, social sciences, ecology and other fields related to spatial studies to present their work in following themes and beyond (note that final conference tracks may differ from the list of themes):

– Cities in transition: new approaches in urban planning and design

– Design and changing lifestyles: adapting architecture, emergent public space, flexible dwellings

– Urbanism as a human-nature system: ecology and sustainability at all scales from building materials to hybrid urban form

– Architecture and the architect’s role in continuous change

– New methodologies in architectural research and urban studies

– Crises and evolution: a historical and actor view

– Permanence in change

Authors are invited to submit their abstracts by 1 April 2013 via email to Please title the (word)document “Abstract_authorsurname”, use MSword or other editable format. Abstracts should be less than 200 words, and include the title, a brief description of the proposed work, methods and discussion, and keywords to identify the area of research. Abstracts should be accompanied by the name, affiliation and contact information for each author. The abstract should also indicate whether the author(s) intend to submit a short paper (3000 words) for the conference publication process by 20th May or only to present their work orally in the conference. The conference languages are English and Finnish.
School of Architecture, Tampere University of Technology, Tampere, Finland,
Department of Architecture, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Espoo, Finland,
Department of Real Estate, Planning and Geoinformatics/YTK, Aalto University School of Engineering, Espoo, Finland,
Department of Architecture, Oulu University, Oulu, Finland,
Finnish Association of Architects SAFA.

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