SAH/Mellon Author Awards 

In 2013, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded the Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) a grant of $51,330 to administer the SAH/Mellon Author Awards. The award is designed to provide financial relief to scholars who are publishing their first monograph on the history of the built environment and who are responsible for paying for rights and permissions for images or for commissioning maps, charts or line drawings in their publications. Through this grant, SAH will provide awards to scholars to help defray the high costs of image licensing, reproduction and creation of original drawings and maps for monographs on the history of the built environment. This grant is intended as a seed grant, to assist authors to defray these costs, and to secure other applicable grants. Awards will be made once in 2014 and once in 2015 for print (hardcover, soft cover) and digital publications (eBook, DVD). Awardees will be selected on the basis of the quality and demonstrated financial need for their project.
A similar award (Meiss/Mellon Author’s Book Award) for scholars publishing a first monograph on art history and visual studies is being administered by the College Art Association (CAA).Both the CAA and SAH awards will provide leading authors who are publishing their first monograph with the financial resources to acquire images for scholarly publications.
The SAH/Mellon Author Awards will provide authors with the financial resources they need to produce scholarly books in their most desirable form. The publication of a monograph continues to be the most highly valued demonstration of scholarly competence for career advancement and recognition in the humanities. Unfortunately, many authors today must provide both a fully realized text and the financial resources for its image program. The cost for image rights and licensing, especially for digital publications, can be prohibitively expensive.
The SAH/Mellon Author Awards will be administered similarly to the guidelines, jury processes, and award procedures currently in place for CAA’s Millard Meiss Publication Fund grant. The SAH/Mellon Author Awards jury comprises distinguished mid-career and senior scholars who are members of SAH and whose specializations cover a broad range of scholarship on the built environment. The jury has discretion over the number of awardees and the size of the grant to be awarded, but a typical grant would be $5,000-$6,000. The grants will be made directly to authors to defray the costs of image acquisitions.


The single deadline for submission is June 1, 2014. Successful applicants will be  first-time book authors who are under contract with a publisher for a manuscript on the history of the built environment. For further information, please review the Application Guidelines and the Application Process, Schedule, and Checklist.
Questions? Please contact Beth Eifrig, SAH Assistant Director of Programs, or 312.573.1365.

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