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Chitkara University is a leading non-profit University of India. It has been established with the clear mission to pursue excellence in all fields of education and to adhere to the highest standards of academic rigour in all its work. Chitkara University has been founded by and is run by hardcore academicians.
This journal is theme-based, with the upcoming issue being dedicated to the theme of ‘Architecture Education’. One of the fallouts of the fast-paced urbanisation witnessed over the last few decades is an unprecedented increase in schools of architecture. While the current number, in India itself, adds up to almost 400 schools, another around 100 are reported to have moved applications for establishment and many more are expected to join in over the next few years. Added to problems of regulating the minimum standards of architectural education in these swelling numbers, are those created by the changes in the needs of society, processes of globalisation and urbanisation, advancements in technology, issues of sustainability and so on — all of which calls for a closer look at the basic tenets and systems of Architecture Education.   This volume of ‘Creative Space’ is, thus, devoted to understanding the role, characteristics, and structure of the myriad forms of Architecture Education in various countries and cultures of the world, systemic gaps that may need to be addressed, identification of areas in need of change, and, to innovative approaches, criteria, guidelines and other tools to create and enable an effective teaching-learning environment.
Writings can include, among others, discourses on Philosophy and Purpose of Architecture Education, Historical Evolution of Architecture Education, critiques of the Current State of Architecture Education, Curriculum Development, Teaching Methodologies and Examination Systems,   Issues of Teachers’ Training, Interdependence of Architecture Education, Architectural Practice and the Building Industry; the importance of Research, Graduate and Doctoral Studies in Architecture, and, the Role of Regulatory Bodies.
This is an invitation for submission of your research papers and other original technical writings suited to the theme selected for the above mentioned publication. Please visit to send your submissions for the upcoming issue of ‘Creative Space’.
We look forward to receiving your research paper and its valuable contribution to investigation into this much neglected area of our built and natural environment.
Prof. Kiran Joshi
Creative Space (CS)
Head, Centre for Advanced Studies in Architecture
Chitkara School of Planning & Architecture,
Chitkara University, Punjab
Chandigarh-Patiala National Highway (NH-64)
Tehsil Rajpura – 140401
Mobile: +91-9814636529
Landline: +91-1762 507086; +91-172-2741000

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