ANN: collaborative doctoral partnerships (UK, September 21 – November 27, 15)

UK, September 21 - November 27, 2015
Deadline: Nov 27, 2015
Up to 50 AHRC funded research studentships to start in October 2016 to
support Galleries, Museums, Libraries, Archives and Heritage
The holders of Arts and Humanities Research Council funded
Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships (CDPs) are pleased to announce
their competitions for research studentships to start in October 2016.
We invite colleagues in UK Universities with research interests across
the Arts and Humanities to approach us to explore possible topics for
these Collaborative Doctoral studentships for applications in this, or
future years.
The twelve different Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships, representing
more than 35 Museums, Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Heritage
Organisations across the UK with track records of supporting doctoral
research to support their work.
Through the Collaborative Doctoral Partnership scheme these
organisations run competitions to choose fully funded AHRC research
studentships to support. Each studentship will be jointly supervised by
a member of staff in a University and someone in the partner
organisation as a Collaborative Doctoral Award. The topic of the
research has to support the work and objectives of the partner
organisation, and the student will benefit from participating in joint
training and other opportunities offered by consortium of CDP holders.
For further details about how different organisations allocate their
studentships and their priorities, please link to their individual
websites/email contact details listed on our joint  website:
We all share a similar timetable for our studentship competitions with
a deadline for applications by November 27th 2015. Final decisions will
be made by the end of January 2016.
For enquiries about potential collaborations for one or more CDA awards
under this AHRC funded partnership scheme please contact the different
organisations listed on our joint website:
For further general information about the scheme, how it works and past
awards please see our joint website:
The following organisations have research students available through
the AHRC’s CDP Scheme
Science Museum Group [Includes: Science Museum, Museum of Science and
Industry, National Media Museum, National Railway Museum York, National
Railway Museum Locomotion Shildon, BT Archives, The Royal Society and
The Royal Geographical Society]
Annual studentship cohort: 6 awards
The British Museum
Annual studentship cohort: 6 awards
Tate [Includes: all Tate museums]
Annual studentship cohort: 5 awards
British Library
Annual studentship cohort: 4 awards
Thames Consortium [Includes: National Maritime Museum, National
Portrait Gallery, National Archives]
Annual studentship cohort: 3 awards
Victoria and Albert Museum
Annual studentship cohort: 5 awards
Imperial War Museums
Annual studentship cohort: 3 awards
National Gallery and Bowes Museum Consortium
[Annual studentship cohort: 3 awards
Scottish Heritage Consortium [Includes: National Museums Scotland,
RCAHMS, Historic Scotland, National Galleries of Scotland and National
Library of Scotland]*Please note RCAHMS and Historic Scotland will
merge on 1st October to become Historic Environment Scotland.
Annual studentship cohort: 6 awards
Historic England and English Heritage
Annual studentship cohort: 3 awards
Oxford University Museums [includes: Ashmolean, Pitt Rivers Museum,
Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Museum of the History of
Annual studentship cohort: 3 awards
The National Football Museum
Annual studentship cohort: 3 awards
Reference / Quellennachweis:
ANN: Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships. In: H-ArtHist, Sep 24, 2015.

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