CFP: Domestic Space in France and Belgium (Belfast, 16-17 September 2016)

Domestic Space in France and Belgium: Art, Literature and Design (c.1850-1920)
Belfast, Queen’s University, September 16 – 17, 2016
Deadline: May 31, 2016
Modernity in many respects is exemplified through the development of the domestic interior in the nineteenth and early twentieth century,
which was characterized by an evolving relationship between public and private, a progressive relationship with technology, an embracing of
the mass media and the marketplace and a new prioritisation of individualism and interiority. Despite its centrality to the history of
modernity, it is only in the last decade or so that the domestic interior has begun to be the subject of a body of criticism largely
thanks to the work of cultural and design historians such as Hilde Heynen, Anne Massey, and Penny Sparke. These critics have emphasised
the need for modern interior to be positioned in a multidisciplinary context in order to allow its rich history to become visible. This
conference seeks to bring together specialists from a wide range of areas, including art history, literature, French studies, cultural
geography, the history of design and gender studies to discuss the conceptualisation and representation of the domestic interior.  It aims
to bring together speakers from different backgrounds in the humanities and social sciences and draw on a variety of disciplinary tools and
methodologies. Submissions for 20-minute papers or panels (of 3 people) are invited across a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:
Art Nouveau
Apartment Living
Interiority as a dimension of space
Materials of Modernity
The Literary Salon
Space and Identity
Gendered spaces
Workspace/home space
Linguistic landscapes
Domestic Conflict
Representing Rooms
Interior Designers
In-between spaces
Domestic Objects
Liminal spaces
Public and private
Cultural crossroads
Home as Microcosm
Shared spaces
Keynote Speakers:
Professor Anne Green, King’s College, London
Professor Hilde Heynen, KU Leuven
Dr Janet McLean, National Gallery of Ireland
Submissions should be sent to by 31st of May 2016
*A selection of papers will be published with an International Press and a special issue of a Peer-Reviewed Journal.

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