CFP: V Creative Cities International Conference (Porto, 25-27 January 2017)

5th Creative Cities International Conference
Porto (Portugal), January 25 – 27, 2017
Submission Deadline: June 15, 2016
The Creative Cities International Conference is an event idealized and organized by the Scientific Association ICONO14 (Spain), which aims to approach innovative actions conducted within cities by all sorts of agents (public, private, governmental, nongovernmental, individuals and collectives). It intends to be a presentation and discussion space for perspectives and solutions on different challenges related to urban contexts, exploring different resources and possibilities for major and minor world cities. After four previous editions of significant success (2009, 2011 and
2016 in Madrid; 2013 in Campinas, Brazil), the 5th Creative Cities International Conference will be held in Porto (Portugal) between
January 25th to 27th2017. It will be co-organized by CITCEM – Transdisciplinary «Culture, Space and Memory» Research Centre of the
Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto, and by the Scientific Association ICONO14.
The 5th edition aims to maintain and extend the multidisciplinary and multicultural debate that, under this form exists since 2009 and that
has involved participants from all over the world in the construction and sharing of a plural, crosscut and diversified debate on the
characteristics, difficulties, successes and several paths performed by different types and scales of cities. Being Porto an European and
international destination of great relevance, the organisation also intends to turn the city into the centre of this scientific and
cultural exchange of origins and destinies for the life that defines every city which the congress will potentiate.
Thematic lines
– The constructed city: theory and History of the cities
– The inherited city: patrimony and the city.
– The palimpsest city: destruction, reconstruction and the memory of the city.
– The represented and imagined city: culture, art and the city.
– The playful city: leisure and sports in the city.
– The lived city: neighbourhoods, associativism, security, mobility and freedom.
– The moving city: policies and strategies for transportation and public services in the city.
– The inhabited city: architecture and urbanism in the city.
– The solidary and accessible city: social services and disability integration in the city.
– The market city: industry, commerce and economy in the city.
– The visited city: tourism and the city.
– The communicated city: media and advertisement in the cities.
– The identifiable city: the city as identity and brand
– The sustainable city: health, water, ecology and the city.
– The virtual and real city: technology and the city.
– The 2.0 city: social networks and the city.
– The future city: youth and the city.
– The creative city: tradition, personality and innovation in the city.
– The wise city: education and the city.
– The equalitarian city: gender and the city.
– The political city: management and administration of cities and policies for the citizens
Submissions must include: title (English and Portuguese/Spanish), name of the author(s), filiation, abstract
(maximum of 2000 characters), correspondent thematic line indication, 3 to 5 keywords and a short biography of  each author (maximum of 800
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