CfP:  Urban Planning, Volume 4, Issue 3, September 2019, “Housing Builds Cities”

Call for Papers:  Urban Planning, Volume 4, Issue 3, September 2019, “Housing Builds Cities”

Edited by Luca Ortelli, Chiara Monterumisi, Alessandro Porotto

2019 marks the 90th anniversary of the second C.I.A.M -Congrès Internationaux d’Architecture Moderne and it represents a springboard for this special issue of Urban Planning, which aims to widen the debate over housing experiences beyond any geographical and time frameworks. Scholars and Ph.D. students are invited to submit contributions focused on case studies or particular planning strategies starting from Neues Bauen to the present days.
This issue of Urban Planning will be arranged around some key topics expressed in C.I.A.M programmes – e.g. urban policies, spatial models and ideas, typological aspects, technological and standardization aspects, social factors – because they are still relevant starting points for a comparative perspective. This would lead to demonstrate how housing has always embodied a social, morphological and structural unit for living, which has affected, and still does, the form and evolution of the city.
The full call for paper with key topics is available at
Authors interested in submitting a paper for this issue are invited to send an abstract by 31 December 2018 (200-250 words, with a tentative title)
Accepted authors will be notified by 10 January 2019.
Full papers (6000 words including definitive title, abstract and references list) go through a double-blind peer-review process and are requested by 31 March 2019.
Publication is expected to be in September 2019.
The guidelines for paper submission are available here.
The full call for papers is also available here.
Address for submitting abstracts

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