CfP: Garden cities for the 21st century. Suresnes (Paris), 3-4 June 2021

Call for Papers: Garden cities for the 21st century. Suresnes (Paris), 3-4 June 2021

Valorization, preservation and challenges in France, Europe and the world

Since the 1980s, garden cities have been the subject of symposia, conferences and publications that have provided insight into and enhanced understanding of this type of heritage and its concept both as a whole and in the individual histories of each garden city. This history has been written at the local, national, European and global scale.
Many garden cities are today facing pressure on land resources and from urban renewal, but they still remain an important marker of the history of working-class housing at the beginning of the 20th century and between the two world wars.
The aim of this symposium is to put into perspective the different dimensions of a common heritage stemming from the garden city concept developed by Ebenezer Howard in 1898. An overview of the situation, a comparative approach and postulations on possible futures are expected. Four lines of thought and questioning are envisaged. The themes will transversely address the dimension of the built environment and the outdoor space, at different scales encompassing collective spaces of sociability, materiality of places, representations, practices, and so forth.
The full list of possible themes for the participation to the conference is available here.
Abstracts (max 300 words) in French or English should be sent to by 15 October 2020. Please include a brief presentation of the authors and a bibliography.
This event is organized by the Regional Association of Garden Cities of Ile-de-France, in partnership with the National School of Architecture of Paris-Belleville, the School of Urbanism of Paris – Lab-urba, the Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne – IREST, the National School of Landscape Versailles-Marseille, the Sorbonne University Paris Nord and the MUS – Museum of Urban and Social History, city of Suresnes, the Department of Cultural Heritage of the Departmental Council of Seine-Saint-Denis.

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