CfP: RAPS Radicality Conference. Bristol, 17-18 September 2021

Call for Papers: RAPS Radicality Conference. Bristol, 17-18 September 2021

The first RAPS conference on September 17-18 2021 in Bristol aims to explore, imagine and radically shift conceptualisations of architecture practice for sustainability. Its premise comes from an interest in understanding how to get to and overcome ‘the root of something’ and how radical architecture can manifest and thrive in its multiple and many modes that shift current dominant paradigms of evidence based and quantifiable measures to deliver sustainable outcomes. A radical approach specifically aims to uncover root causes as opposed to surface explanations, viewing ecological problems as rooted primarily in socio-political notions of nature, multispecies activity and needs, building and not building, activating and resisting as well as entangling (Ehrenfeld 2013).

The keynote sessions will be reflecting upon human and non-human multi spatial modalities and radical environmental approaches to design as well as modes of cooperative design practice for a radical organisation of the material ‘designed’ and not only ‘built’ environment.

RAPS Radicality 2021 Conference is pleased to invite abstract submissions until 30th April 2021 to It invites submissions from architects, academics, artists, environmental scientists, engineers, activists, sociologists and visionaries amongst others to submit 300 word abstracts. The conference will explore radical visions of architecture practice for sustainability through six themes:

  • Architect as Activist
  • Green Dream
  • NOT building
  • Ecological Entanglements
  • Utopian Realism
  • Beyond Disruptive Events – Post Pandemic Practices

For more information, see the conference website.


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