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April 5, 2022

Postcolonial interruptions? Decolonisation and global dis:connectivity

3-5 August 2022

Munich, 3-5 August 2022

The period of decolonisation from the 1930s to the 1970s witnessed the transformation of global processes of integration and exchange, which were still coloured by empire. Cultural connections, political alliances, economic relations and personal networks became subject to scrutiny and interruption. Then and after, existing connections metamorphosed, and new ones arose. global dis:connect invites to explore how instances of dis:connectivity of various kinds have affected processes of globalisation in postcolonial settings.

The summer school is scheduled to take place from 3-5 August 2022 on the premises of global dis:connect (Maria Theresia-Str. 21 in Munich, Germany). Each day is to begin with a 90-minute master class, where we will discuss a text relevant to the topic of the day, after
which participants will be able to present their projects for discussion. All sessions will be held in English.

global dis:connect promotes dialogue between scholarship and art as co-equal means to approach dis:connective phenomena — interruptions, absences and detours of globalisation. Such phenomena often leave few traces in archives and defy direct observation in many cases, but artistic practice can often reveal and provide access to them. Therefore, the summer school welcomes advanced MA-students, PhD-students and artists alike. Dissertation projects, grant proposals, exhibition projects and artistic interventions are all welcome. Participants can propose the presentation format that best fits their work, be it a traditional presentation, a film screening, an artistic intervention, moderated discussions and slide shows. All proposals should refer to the types of questions described below and stimulate discussion. The closing date for applications is 5 April 2022.

There are no participation fees. global dis:connect is endeavouring to secure funding to cover accommodation and travel costs for participants who require it. More information can be found here.

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