Her: Introducing Women Writing Architecture c.1800

September 8, 2022

The ERC-funded project WoWA (ETH Zurich) invites 9 researchers to introduce a Woman Writing Architecture between 1700 and 1900. Reading Her presents 9 x 5 min portraits of women and their writings that we conceive as relevant to architectural histories.

Contributors: Mary Louise Pratt, Barbara Penner, Richard Wittman, Sol Pérez Martínez, Hollyamber Kennedy, Nitin Bathla, Elena Rieger, Niloofar Rasooli, Damla Göre

Join the group for an hour of inspiration to expand our references, influences, and reading lists. Each woman will be introduced with one image, one quote, one publication, and one architectural topic, widely conceived.

Who are you reading this summer?

8 September 2022, 18-19.00 CEST

ZOOM Link: https://bit.ly/ercwowa

Password: WOWA

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