Epidemic Urbanism Initiative 2023 International Design Competition: Webinars with Jury and Commentators

September 8-9, 2023

The organizers are pleased to announce two educational webinars featuring jury and commentator notes on the shortlisted projects from the Epidemic Urbanism Initiative’s 2023 International Design Competition. Designs in the categories of Community Health Center and Emergency Treatment Center emphasize adaptive reuse approaches in architecture that are envisioned to increase healthcare equity in localized contexts around the world. The shortlisted projects were selected from almost 70 submissions sent in by teams in 15 countries, from Nigeria to Mexico. The webinars will feature short design videos prepared by the shortlisted teams that include design professionals, architecture students, and healthcare practitioners.

The webinar for the Community Health Center category is scheduled for Friday September 8, 2023, 12:00–1:00 Eastern Time (North America & Caribbean, i.e., the New York time zone): [LINK]. The committee is chaired by Louisa Iarocci (USA). The jurors are Adam Bresnick (Spain), Tom Fisher (USA), and Alan Dilani (Italy). The commentators are Giselle Sebag (USA) and Lindsay J. McCunn (Canada).

The webinar for the Emergency Treatment Center category is on Saturday September 9, 2023, 12:00–1:00 Eastern Time (North America & Caribbean, i.e., the New York time zone): [LINK]. The committee is chaired by Irene Hwang (USA). The jurors are Lim Lip Chuan (Singapore), Lynne Dearborn (USA), and Femke Feenstra (Netherlands). The commentators are Richard Jackson (USA), and Cristiana Caira (Sweden).

For registration, please used the links above or contact us at epidemicurbanism@gmail.com. The webinar videos will be made available for classroom use as part of the EUI’s teaching archive.

Join for an educational webinar showcase of the finalists in the Epidemic Urbanism Initiative’s 2023 Design Competition on localized, adaptive reuse in healthcare design around the world. The jury members, expert commentators, and short design videos for the Community Health Center category will be featured on September 8; Emergency Treatment Centers will be featured on September 9. Please register at epidemicurbanism@gmail.com or visit our website.

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