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November 15, 2023

The Architecture of Food

April 6, 2024
Washington, DC
United States
Symposium, Latrobe Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians
Washington, DC, April 6, 2024
The Latrobe Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians welcomes paper proposals for a symposium that examines the broad subject matter of the architecture of food. We invite proposals from anyone with an interest in the built environment and its connection to food landscapes, including students, scholars, practitioners, and culinary enthusiasts.
Washington, DC is a dynamic food center, noted for its variety of culinary experiences and foods authentic to the region, including half smokes, mumbo sauce, and crabcakes. Less well known is how this culinary geography intersects with the built environment. From farms and agricultural homesteads that served historic markets to ethnic food enclaves, the city is an experiment in democracy, architecture, and flavor. How has the Washington metropolitan area facilitated the production and dissemination of foodstuffs across the region? How have patterns of work shaped patterns of eating? How does a focus on food generate new types of research methodologies?
Some potential themes may focus on:
·         food-shaped novelty buildings and roadside architecture
·         markets, food courts, and suburban mall eateries
·         ethnic neighborhoods as food destinations
·         food and transportation planning
·         cafeterias in institutional settings (i.e., government, schools, prisons)\
·         concessions at sports venues and theaters
·         food banks, food pantries, and faith-based organizations
·         urban farmsteads, community gardens, and apiaries
·         food festivals, tours, and media-based culinary experiences
·         food trucks, pop-ups, streeteries and food apps
·         breweries and wineries
·         interiors or behind-the-scenes spaces (i.e., dining rooms, kitchens, storage)
The purpose of the symposium is to feature recent research in a format that encourages comment and discussion.  Papers must be analytical rather than descriptive in nature and should place the subject in a comparative context of political, social, economic, technological, or cultural forces, as appropriate.
All paper sessions will take place on Saturday, April 6, 2024, at The Catholic University of America School of Architecture and Planning.

Please send a one-page, 350-word abstract of a 20-minute paper and an abbreviated curriculum vitae by November 15, 2023, to the Latrobe Chapter at

All applicants will be notified of the selection by December 15, 2023.  The deadline for final text is March 15, 2024. For further information, contact the Latrobe Chapter at

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