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September 26, 2023

Interior Ecologies

December 20-21, 2023

MAIA, Master of Arts in Interior Architecture at HEAD – Geneva
Institute for Postnatural Studies
December 20-21, 2023

The second edition of the Interior Ecologies conference, organized by MAIA, Master of Arts in Interior Architecture at HEAD – Geneva, and the Institute for Postnatural Studies, will delve into the intersection between the built environment and new emerging ecologies, exploring the
impact of digitalization on interior architecture and its relationship to computational ecologies, social media, non-human relations, postnatural territories, videogames, and artificial intelligence. The conference will be fully online, with free registration and open access, and will
integrate innovative formats of broadcast, fostering interaction between speakers, audience, and AI-generated content. The event will feature a series of lectures, round tables, and experimental workshops, showcasing the latest research and design approaches in interior architecture.

Contributions are welcome in any format (online talk, digital artwork, research process, experimental audio-visual essay, TikTok videos, etc) on the topics of:
– Ecologies of media, exploring the relationship between digital platforms and the built environment. We invite to examine the influence of social media on the design of public and private spaces, and the role of interior architecture in shaping social interactions and online identities.
– Digital Environments and Videogames as new tools for designing and testing interior spaces. Experts in game design and interior architecture are invited to discuss the potential of virtual environments for simulating user experience and behavior and the challenges of translating game mechanics into physical spaces.
– Artificial intelligence: The use of AI algorithms in architectural design processes, the integration of smart systems into interior spaces, and the ethical and environmental implications of postnatural design practices.
– Psychic ecologies: Investigating the role of interior architecture in shaping human emotions, behaviors, and social relationships. Experts in psychology, neuroscience, and interior design are invited to discuss the impact of color, texture, and sound on human cognition and perception, and the potential of interior architecture to promote mental and emotional health.

Overall, the Interior Ecologies conference will provide a unique platform for interdisciplinary exchange and experimentation, fostering innovative approaches to interior architecture and digital technologies.

Please send your contributions before September 26th 2023 to

Scientific Committee:
MAIA, Master of Arts in Interior Architecture, HEAD – Geneva (Javier F. Contreras, Roberto
Institute for Postnatural Studies, Madrid (Pablo Ferreira, Gabriel Alonso, Matteo Guarnaccia)

Publishing: Spector Books

More information can be found on the conference website.

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