Application deadline:

November 13, 2023

Academic position in Theory, History and Criticism of Architecture



Within the Faculty of Architecture, Architectural Engineering and Urban Planning and the Louvain research institute for Landscape, Architecture, Built environment, Science and Technology Sector, this position will include the following teaching, research and community service duties:

  • Teaching 

You will teach mainly in the fields of design, theory, history and criticism of architecture, in the various courses managed by the faculty. You will also be expected to supervise Master’s theses.

You will teach mainly in the following areas:

  • Architectural design project;
  • Courses and seminars in the theory and history of architecture covering all periods and cultures, with an emphasis on the contemporary. These courses analyse, in a deep and critical way, the concepts, theoretical models and means of architecture. They also address the description of the socio-economic and cultural contexts from where they have emerged and developed;
  • Cross-approach courses bridging architecture and human sciences. These courses integrate, on the one hand, knowledge from humanities that can be transferred to architecture, and, on the other hand, they advance these disciplinary contributions towards the built environment.

The courses will mainly be given on the LOCI site in Louvain-la-Neuve. However, teaching and research activities might be deployed on each of the three sites of the faculty.

  • Research

You will develop your research activities, including the creation of a research programme in the fields of theory, history and criticism of architecture, significantly oriented by the context of transition and its future developments.

Your research will be carried out through the study of texts, designs, methods, norms, assumptions, with emphasis given to the architectural concepts, the drivers of architectural forms, the understanding, particularly in terms of the socio-economic and cultural context, of our habitat and its effects on humans. These questions will be examined within a thoroughly-established theoretical and historical framework and will be founded on a critical interpretation of contemporary tools and methods of representation and design.

Your research will be carried out in collaboration with researchers from the LAB institute (Louvain research institute for Landscape, Architecture, Built environment) and will also benefit from collaborations with other research institutes within the science and technology sector, and with an opening towards cooperation with other scientific sectors (construction, heritage, urbanism, landscape, archaeology, etc.).

You will be responsible for the supervision of PhD theses.

  • In addition …

Once tenured, you will carry out various service activities and responsibilities within the institution, such as being a member of a programme committee or examination committee, or having management responsibilities within the faculty or research institute.

You will also contribute to serving society, particularly in the economic, social, cultural or development cooperation fields. Finally, you will ensure, through research and teaching activities, the university’s international visibility.

More information can be found here.

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