Submission deadline:

November 3, 2023

METU Architectural History Graduate Symposium 13


December 21-22, 2023
@ Kubbealtı, Faculty of Architecture, METU

Middle East Technical University Graduate Program in Architectural History organizes a series of symposiums bi-annually, open to graduate students and researchers who have recently completed their Ph.D. studies. The thirteenth meeting of the symposium series will take place on December 21-22, 2023, focusing on the theme of “Spaces / Times / Peoples: Health and Architectural History.”

METU Architectural History Graduate Symposium 13 resides in the multiplicity of interconnections between health and architectural and environmental histories. In the aftermath of the ongoing discussions on the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent Turkey-Syria earthquake, besides the global phenomena of the climate crisis, issues of health came to the fore in architectural theory, history, and practice. Dwelling on the intellectual longevity of different trajectories, we invite papers that examine the historical relationship between health and the built environment, from spaces of healing and sports facilities to city plans and sanitary infrastructures; or that introduce theoretical approaches to spatial interplays with such notions as care, illness, pathologies, cure, mental health, and phobias. The symposium aims not at a consensus but at opening up a dialogue for scholarly exchange.

Eligibility: The symposium is open to graduate students and researchers who have received their doctoral degrees within the past 5 years.

Language of the Symposium: Turkish and English

Submission of Proposals: Abstract and information sheets should be sent to the e-mail address given below.

– Abstract Sheet: Including the abstract (300 words) of the proposal, title of the paper and five keywords. There should not be any information about the identity of the participant on the abstract sheet.

– Information Sheet: The participant’s name, short biography, address, e-mail, and phone numbers should be written on a separate sheet. The information sheet should include the title of the paper.

Deadline: November 3, 2023

The symposium will be held in person at Kubbealtı, METU Faculty of Architecture, and the virtual presentations will be considered upon request.

The symposium fee is 400 TL for students, 500 TL for academic/employed researchers and 50 € for international participants.

Scientific Committee: T. Elvan Altan, Lale Özgenel, Ali Uzay Peker, Ekin Pinar, Belgin Turan Özkaya, Pelin Yoncacı Arslan

Organization Committee: Elif Bilge, Elif Kaymaz, Nesrin Erdoğan, Gizem Güner, Orçun Sena Saraçoğlu


E-mail address:

More information can be found in the full call for papers here.

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