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Architectures of Love

The editors ask how love is, or may have been, an underlying motivator of built and speculative spaces, and how the materiality of both may sustain object-attachments for ongoing expressions of amorous affect?

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Thresholds 52: Disappearance

The editors seek contributions that aim to discover how disappearances are spatially manifested (human/non-human, living/non-living, material/symbolic) and how the appearances of certain things have led to the disappearances of others.

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Stoà Journal – Issue 8 [Lexicon]

The aim of Stoà 8 is to carry out a critical reflection on the words used in the teaching of architectural design today, in order to identify a conceptual vocabulary necessary to encompass (and possibly reinvent) the various subject areas of the discipline.

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Contesting dignity in space: between shame, fame and pride

The call for presentations invites scholars from different fields to submit their original works on the contestations of dignity and its expressions in space. This might refer to dimensions like embodiment in politics, questions of ethnicity, moral or religious stance, or socio-economic status, or as expressions in performances of and feelings such as pride, humility or, shame.

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International Journal of Islamic Architecture: The Urgency of the Digital

This special issue encourages contributions that address the urgent promises and risks that digital infrastructures, tools, and approaches hold. The editors invite paper proposals that employ a wide spectrum of approaches, including but not limited to spatial mapping, social network analysis, distant reading, photogrammetry, 3D printing, virtual reality and augmented reality simulators, humanities gaming, and electronic publishing, among other topics addressing contexts in or involving the Islamic world.

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